Welcome to my site

Hi everyone!

I’m RJ. I’ll be your DFS stat hustling guide. On this site I will be presenting stat research and stat based opinions to try to help you gain an edge in your DFS tournaments. I might not always be right, in fact sometimes I’ll be completely wrong, but I stand behind my picks enough to play them myself.

If you have any questions, send me a line. If you don’t have questions for me, find someone else you can ask your questions of. There’s a whole world full of answers out there!

I will primarily focus on PGA and NFL research but depending on demand and my time, I may add in some NBA talk as well. Without further ado, let me get to the NFL research here shortly.


1 thought on “Welcome to my site”

  1. Rafael has saved me countless hours of research each week by trusting his DFS picks. His ability to break down stats for the average Joe’s understanding has consistently put me in the green side. This is the year I will be expecting a 1099 form from DK. Thanks RJ for upping my DFS game.


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