NFL Fantasy 2020 – Player Pool – 11 Game Main Slate – Week 10 – November 15, 2020

Alright guys, thank you again for being patient with me. I had another busy week this week. I miss writing the full breakdowns; they’re genuinely one of my favorite parts of the year. I’ll get back to those asap!!

We have a podcast if I haven’t mentioned that already. It’s a little rough around the edges like we are, but there’s a ton of interesting info in there and some off the wall segments to provide a little escapism and uniqueness with respect to the average crunch the numbers pods. And its only going to get better. Should be out Thursday-ish weekly, so we have time to analyze as much injury data as possible. Just search for the The DFS Ocean Podcast and you’ll find it on Spotify or Google Podcasts and pretty much everywhere else you listen to podcasts

This week there’s less good RB options than we’re used to and a lot of receivers we want to try to find a way to get in. Stack the high point totals! Stick to your guns and you’ll be fine.


Kyler Murray 8000 – easy matchup, TON of rushing upside, highest game total

Josh Allen 7500 – D gives it up to rushing QBs, Opp offense plays fast, will give Allen more attempts

Justin Herbert 6600 – badass, passed for 300+ in 4 of 7, Rushing upside, good under pressure 

Jared Goff 6500 – playing worst pass D in NFL — 3 of 8 games w/ 300+ yards

Drew Lock 5500 – super cheap, against bad pass D


Aaron Jones 7100 – bad run D, good take the lead gamescript, chalk

James Conner 6900 – rain/wind increases workload, redemption Sunday, against bad Run D

Antonio Gibson 5600 – against Bad Run D, avgs almost 3 targets per game, large workload if team takes lead, high enough floor, with room for upside at price

Jamaal Williams 4000 – best pivot from chalky Aaron Jones. Good backup reps 

Mike Davis 4000 – min price!!! High usage, D allows lots of passes to backfield


Stefon Diggs 7500 – D gives it up to Slot receivers, high target %, highest game total

Keenan Allen 7100 – backfield untrustworthy, best corner matchup, Super high usage

Cooper Kupp 6900 – 20 targets last week, best corner matchup 

Terry McLaurin 6800 – Bad pass D, plays 98% snaps. Ton of targets. Due for huge game

Robert Woods 6600 – worst pass D in league, most RZ targets on team, great corner matchup

Tyler Lockett 6500 – Boom/bust, last week busted, best corner matchup on team, high total

Robby Anderson 6100 – D bad at short adot, lots of targets

Christian Kirk – faster and stronger than opp corner, leads team in RZ targets, 75% RZ comp

John Brown 5300 – highest RZ target% on team, healthy, VERY due for TD

Tim Patrick 4900 – lots of targets, Wr1 nursing injury, leads team in RZ targets

Emmanuel Sanders 4800 – revenge game, against opp worst corner, 2nd in team targets

Larry Fitzgerald 3900 – dirt cheap, 2nd on team in targets, high total, good corner matchup

Josh Reynolds — great price, averaging 8.5 targets over last 2, against worst pass D in NFL

Cam Sims 3200 – Price! Starting! 74% snapshare, D bad against high adot WRs


Evan Engram 4500 – high usage, Slay on Slayton

Eric Ebron 4400 – 2nd worst TE D in NFL, 2nd in RZ targets, QB injured, should throw closer

Hunter Henry 4100 – DUE for TD regression, 2nd in RZ targets, 7 or 8 targets in all but 2 games

Austin Hooper 3900 – rain game, higher usage in passing game

Tyler Eiffert 2700 – great price! High wind game, great for TE, high RZ usage


PHI 3600 – coming off of bye, rested, avg 3.5 sacks per game, and nearly 1 DFR/game

TB 3400 – determined!, avg over (1 int, 0.5 DFR, over 3 sacks )/game

WAS 3200 – avg 3 sacks, 1 interception per game

NO 3000 – opp filled with injuries, lost starting QB, TE1, WR1, RB1, RB2

CLE 2900 – avg almost 3 sacks, almost 1 int per game, opp w/out RB1, bad O-line

LAR 2200 – boom or bust, ton of leverage, very cheap

Good luck in week 10!!


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